Esperia was founded in 1952 in Poggibonsi, Siena, a place full of history, located in the territory of upper Val d’Elsa, at the western spurs of the hills of Chianti.

From the outset the company had solid ties with the district in Tuscany, long renowned for glassmaking and subsequently also for furniture manufacturing. Starting in the 1960s the firm branched out across the whole technical lighting sector, thanks to remarkable structural and productive growth. During this period Esperia also began a fertile, lasting relationship with Prof. Angelo Brotto. The creative direction of Prof. Brotto began in 1958 and continued for over 20 years, generating an exclusive relationship with Esperia that led to a bond of deep friendship with Romano Conforti, founder of the company.
In September 2018 Esperia began to work with the architect and designer Cristina Celestino, driven by a desire for renewal, to find a new approach of pertinence to the contemporary scene while conserving the strong ties to the legacy of Angelo Brotto.
As a design collector, Cristina Celestino has known about Esperia for a long time. Her interest began with study of the Quasars by Angelo Brotto, true luminous artworks created in the 1960s, which combined their technical function with excellent materials and workmanship, of the highest aesthetic value, in a vision that fully reflected the values and spirit of the time.

The new Esperia logo embodies the company’s new approach: semantic clarity in tune with an awareness of history. The projects by Cristina Celestino come from this awareness, gained through painstaking research on the catalogues in the archives, the techniques and materials of the company. A philological approach that has been useful to bring clarity, to find the right path of interpretation of this remarkable heritage.
Hence the decision to reissue several lamps from the vast output of Angelo Brotto: items that are highly meaningful in terms of form, and still very contemporary in their language and attitude.
Art direction: Cristina Celestino
General catalogue: Cristina Celestino Studio
Graphic design: Cecilia Cappelli
Pr communication: Martina Gamboni – Strategic Footprints