FENDI collaborates again with architect and interior designer Cristina Celestino for a new chapter with its FENDI Casa line, presenting “Back Home”, a Collection that celebrates the Maison’s iconic Pequin striped motif, produced by Luxury Living Group.

For “Back Home”, Cristina Celestino gives a reinterpretation of the Pequin, using FENDI’s iconic pattern to create a refined and creative range of furniture pieces, showing an intriguing combination of materials, spanning from timeless and elegant marbles and onyxes, to fascinating metallic surfaces for surprising tactile and colour effects.
The Pequin stripes take the center stage in the selection of armchairs and sofas, with their geometric, almost mannish look counterbalancing the femininity of the shapes, along with FENDI’s geometric motif found in the rose-like design – from the FENDI archives, designed by Karl Lagerfeld in 1983 – of the coffee tables and the carpets, where the FF logo discretely appears with grace and elegance.

Fashion is also part of the inspiration for the collection, with the range of mirrors and lamps revealing silhouettes inspired by cufflinks, while the cabinets echo Art Decò’s stylistic codes with their juxtaposition of geometric shapes, bold curves, strong vertical lines, sport surfaces.

The “Back Home” Collection is showcased with an exclusive installation divided into five environments – Terrace, Entrance, Waiting Room, Dressing Room and Living – that recalls a Roman house from the 70’s immersed into a bourgeois atmosphere enriched with a visionary spirit.
Concept, design, direction: Cristina Celestino
Development: Imma Pezzella, Alice Maffi, Matteo Maffioletti, Clémence Plumelet
Illustration: Elisa Vendramin
Press office: Fendi Press Office / Martina Gamboni – Strategic Footprints
Photo credits: Omar Sartor
Video Mood credits: Nazario Graziano
Video Exhibition credits: Prest5