The set-up designed by Cristina Celestino for Tonelli Design was inspired by the evocative atmosphere of “Grand Hotel” rooms, where the glass objects are immersed in an interior with a taste from yesteryear and express their own sophisticated design while acquiring a new domestic warmth.

The space aims to create a suspended time and to welcome the visitors inside a hushed and comforting atmosphere.

The colour palette goes from the shades of light blue of the walls to the sand yellow of the curtains and the mango of the moquette.
This colour choice is made even more gentle thanks to the materials used for dividing the space: large and light curtains, which, thanks to their lightness, allow to look inside the exhibition, and marble partition with brushed steel wall lamps, like small jewels.
The corner dedicated to the breakfast, the lobby, the lounge, the space for self care with a dressing table enclosed in a veiled curtains, are some of the various rooms that the set-up wants to suggest.
Design: Cristina Celestino
Pr communication: Martina Gamboni - Strategic Footprints