The set-up designed by Cristina Celestino for Fornace Brioni was inspired by the soft and vibrant colour palette from the Renaissance frescoed walls of Palazzo del Te, Mantua, Italy.

In occasion of the Milano Design Week 2018, Cristina Celestino, who is also creative director of the brand, decides to show the collection “Giardino delle Delizie” on panels, through which simulate the opulence of the walls of Renaissance palaces, where materials, colours and textures live together in a delicate balance.
The panels have been realized accurately to highlight the many and charming solutions that the cotto and ceramic handcrafted tiles can suggest.
With this exhibition Cristina Celestino choose to bring on stage a dreamy landscape, where rhythmical repetition of isolated and precious silhouettes find their room, within a geometric boiserie made of materic cotto in rose, white or grey (from Gonzaga collection) or a baseboard made of grey cotto tiles.
The choice of the materials is also based on the aim to play with a juxtaposition of glossy and matte surfaces, creating a surprising effect by the use of cotto that never get boring.
The space is designed by the geometric disposition of multiple panels, that are arranged two by two, creating little decorative corners, where colours and materials conquered the scene and attract the visitors to look more closely the products. These immersive little stages are refined by the light of the lamps, which makes more gentle and elegant the atmosphere.

The colours of the glazes range from candy pink to raspberry to mint green, forming an ideal tray of tempting pastries.
The raspberry is also chosen for the colour of the upper side of the space, covered by paper surfaces that ideally close the set-up.
Design: Cristina Celestino
Development: Alexandra Intini, Chiara Lionello, Imma Pezzella
Pr communication: Martina Gamboni – Strategic Footprints
Photo credits: Alessandro Pollio