Kindness is universal, this much is clear. And yet, for a series of intangible but evident reasons, it seems to be especially at home in the female sphere. Lago has therefore identified “woman” as the bearer of innate kindness, the inspiring muse of our interior project, which has the goal of trying offer an interpretation of this extremely abstract concept.

The project “Never Stop Living Kindness” has been presented during Design Week 2017 in a multi-location exhibition. At the Salone del Mobile Cristina Celestino is been called to explore and develop the theme of kindness through an interior project.

The image evoked by the space imagined by the designer leads towards far-off places. A refined mis-en-scene that, at first appearing domestic and intimate, opens up to the infinite, transforming the very idea of a room.

A dream-like space that reaches the height of poetry thanks to the suspended furniture of the Air line. The fabrics, custom designed by the designer for the Et Voilà system, create a unique common thread with the curtains, passing from the wardrobes to the skylights, and breaking through the ceiling towards a dreamlike dimension.

“The colour palette plays with the hues of a past made contemporary that faintly evoked reassuring and familiar atmosphere under a starry sky. Finally, ideal portholes project the eye beyond a horizon framed for pleasure, dedicated to dreamers with a passion for stargazing.”
Mezza Estate (“Midsummer”) is a jacquard fabric inspired by the world of dreams that features the Amaryllis flower. Sculptural and fragrant, the Amaryllis has thick, meaty petals that lend themselves to use as an unexpected graphic motif. The repetition of the module, a bud at various stages of development, actually creates the effect of a fabric with a geometric grid pattern, thanks to the use of a romantic, graceful design element.
Design: Cristina Celestino
Development: Chiara Lionello, Imma Pezzella
Photo credit: Lago
Pr communication: Lago Press Office