Spring Studios and Spring Place partners with LuisaViaRoma to open a new hybrid pop-up.

The interior of the hybrid pop-up is an extension of the “Home for the Holidays” installation in Florence.
Designed by Cristina Celestino, the store in Florence has been transformed into a full-fledged home, complete with a dining room, living area, bedroom and kitchen.
The additional room at Spring Studios is a surrealist swimming pool with colours and materials applied in unforeseen ways.

Cristina Celestino describes it as “an experiential and visionary pop-up that plays with textures, materials, and colors, bringing a tropical atmosphere with a touch of European flair to the city.”
The tropical atmosphere of Cesar Manrique has inspired the installation for the choice of colours, the use of pop furnishings and the greenery as another important theme.
The graphic of the inlaid carpeting is a tribute to Gio Ponti and his iconic geometric design. Another influential source for the colour palette of this project is been also the painting “A bigger splash” of the British David Hockney, which depicts a splash in a Californian swimming pool.
Design: Cristina Celestino
Development: Imma Pezzella, Clémence Plumelet
Press office: Martina Gamboni – Strategic Footprints
Photo credits: Luisa Via Roma - Cerruti Draime