Sergio Rossi presents the refurbishment of the historic store of Monte Napoleone Milan, 22nd March 2018.
A new concept that represents a further step in the path of rediscovery and updating of the aesthetic in line with the new direction of the brand.

Within the concept created by architect Marco Costanzi, architect Cristina Celestino envisions exclusively for Sergio Rossi a collection of furniture that takes inspirations from the roots of the brand itself and from the new sr1 collection.
The designs are inspired by a cultivated and ironic femininity with a contemporary allure, expressed through a scenic setting featuring an elegant sitting room with seating, low tables, a separé and a free-standing mirror.
Carpets and wall interiors create a dynamic and sophisticated backdrop - partly inspired by the city of Milan – presents a colour palette that goes from nude to chalk colours, up to amaranth, pine and pale green.
The materials and the manufacturing of the furniture recalls the brand’s history: the artisan manufacturing of high quality leathers, nabuk and metal details – rose gold coloured – and the lacquered woods There are numerous references strongly linked to the Sergio Rossi heritage: the opanca theme, the sofa legs inspired by the sr1 heel, the nabuk that covers the separé framework.

The furniture reveals a domestic and a retail aspects: the free-standing mirror is an homage to the iconic mirror in the artisan atelier, the sofa reminds the vis-à-vis styles and the small tables work as coffee table and stand. The iconic Sergio Rossi shoe is like an object to study, due to the extreme attention of its manufacturing, and to admire and collected due to its beauty. Elegance, femininity and craftsmanship blend and merge together in a new design that embody the new Sergio Rossi image.
Design: Cristina Celestino
Development: Chiara Lionello, Imma Pezzella
Press office: Sergio Rossi Press Office | Martina Gamboni – Strategic Footprints
Photo credits: Sergio Rossi