For the December 2016 edition of Design Miami/, FENDI presents THE HAPPY ROOM, a collection designed by Cristina Celestino. The Roman luxury house arrived this year at its ninth collaboration with Design Miami.
The Happy Room is based on the idea of a traveling VIP lounge:
a collection of furnishings and an elegant, sophisticated
concept of space that can be replicated by the maison
inside its boutiques all over the world.
A place of intimacy and excellence, for a private, personal experience. A space that brings value to time devoted to oneself, where the concept of time is understood as an intrinsic design virtue of the various pieces (the time required to produce finely crafted objects).
The collection stands out for a colour palette inspired by the interiors of the great master Gio Ponti for Villa Planchart in Caracas. The forms are harmonious and rounded – recurring characteristics in the designer’s language – and every item, from tables to chairs, screens to mirrors, lamps to dressing tables, stands out for a particular focus on the use of materials, colours and skilled craftsmanship.
One recurring feature of the collection is the detail in brushed brass inspired by the clasps of earrings, becoming oversized in the bases of the tables and also appearing on the backs of the upholstered creations, to transform furniture into jewellery. Precious fur, the signature of the atelier, is applied in an unusual way at the base of the two seats.
Another leitmotif of the project is that of inlaid materials, another stylistic trademark of the maison, seen here in the graphic approach using contrasting marble and onyx for the table tops, and in the play of reflecting coloured antique-finish segments on the mirror and the screen.

A tribute to tradition, but with innovative research and experimentation, which Cristina has applied in the invention of a new material, “ETERE”, obtained by treating fur with resin to create the two end panels of the screen. Light, flowing fur becomes solid, captured inside transparent resin, almost glazed, while conserving its soft image.
Concept, design, development, direction: Cristina Celestino
Illustrations: Elisa Vendramin
Photo credit: Mattia Balsamini
Curator: Maria Cristina Didero
Pr communication: Fendi press office  /  Martina Gamboni